Towship History

The Kistler Valley, part of Lynn Township, traces it roots to the birth of America, back to the immigration of Johaness (John) Jeorg (George) Kistler who came to America in 1737, immagrating through Amsterdam from Palatinate Germany.

John George Kistler fought in the French Indian War, his five sons, Jacob Kistler, Samuel Kistler Brobst , John Kistler, George Kistler, and Philip, fought in the American Revolution.

A monument to the Kistler family exists along the Kistler Valley Road, of whom the valley is named. The monument is located near the intersection of Kistler Valley and Hummingbird Roads. A picture of the monument follows as well.


More Township History
Lynn-Heidelberg Township Historical Society
For more township history, visit the Lynn-Heidelberg Township Historical Society.