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Lynn Township SALDO

Ordinance # 2011-1 – An ordinance of the Board of Supervisors of Lynn Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, regulating the establishment, maintenance and operation of junk dealers, junk yards, and scrap yards within Lynn Township, providing for the issuance of licenses under prescribed conditions, prescribing penalties for violators, providing for the revocation of licenses in the event of non-compliance and repealing previous ordinances.

Ordinance # 2011-2 – An ordinance of the Board of Supervisors of Lynn Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania prohibiting nuisances, storing or accumulating abandoned or junk motor vehicles, junk material, abandoned or unoccupied building or parts of building or parts of buildings in a state of dilapidation or disrepair or private or public property within Lynn Township; providing for the removal thereof on public or private grounds after notice to the owners to do so, and in default thereof, to collect the costs of such removal by the Township; and prescribing penalties for violation.

Ordinance # 2011-4 – An ordinance of Lynn Township, Pennsylvania amending the Lynn Township Zoning Ordinance to provide for the creation of a mixed use residential neighborhood overlay zoning district (“GC/GI”) zoning district; establishing a use to be known as a mixed use residential neighborhood (“MURN”); providing certain definitions; establishing certain uses within a MURN; establishing dwelling types, dimensional requirements and performance standards for improvements and facilities serving a MURD; and establishing guidelines for future amendments to the Lynn Township zoning map to permit the development of mixed use residential neighborhoods within the MURD-OD.

Ordinance #2011-5 – Ordinance re-enacting, restating and amending its Earned Income Tax Ordinance/Resolution to establish conformity with the Local Tax Enabling Act as amended by ACT 32 of July 2, 2008.

Ordinance #2006-10 – Amending the Zoning Ordinance to provide for a more balanced community having mixed housing types in the Village Center (VC) Zoning District.

Driveway Ordinance

Weed Ordinance

Burning Ordinance

Ontelaunee Park Ordinance