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Request for Proposal (R.F.P.)
  •  No current R.F.P.s

EIT Tax Forms

General Applications/Forms

List of Contractors

UCC Building Permit Applications

Zoning Permit Applications
  • Business Permit¬†-¬†Appling for a new business to be conducted in Lynn Township.
  • Driveway Permit -¬† Installing a new driveway for residential or commercial use.¬† Paving new driveways or alteration and expansions.
  • Logging/Timber Harvesting Permit
  • Moving Permit - Moving permits are required for all people moving into, out of or within Lynn Twp. There is no fee!
  • Sign Permit -¬† Installation of any signs for business or personal use.¬† (Excluding realtors and campaign signs)
  • Zoning Permit